Let us put together a CUSTOM PLAN
Licensed in the State of Virginia


As experts in the real estate industry for over 35 years, we put our knowledge of the Northern Virginia market to work for you, helping you to find the best tenants for your rentals and providing day to day property management of residential properties throughout the Northern Virginia area.

Administrative Services

Our administrative services include:

  1. Attendance at Board meetings.
  2. Provide monthly financial reports to the Board of Directors.
  3. Ensure all State filings are up to date.
  4. Maintain all records of the Association.
  5. Aid in the compilation of meeting notes.
  6. Maintain history of meeting notes, Association agreements, accounting and financial records and correspondence.
  7. Oversee operation and upkeep of common property to be maintained according to standards of the governing documents of the Association
  8. As specified in writing by the association, prepare requests for bids and negotiate contracts for needed services (eg. grounds care and maintenance, trash pick up, pest control, snow removal, etc).
  9. With the assistance of qualified insurance brokers, solicit insurance for the Association as required by the governing documents to cover the risks to which the association and management company are at risk.
  10. Supervise contractors and administer contracts for needed services.
  11. Provide homeowner documents as needed in the resale of a property in the community. A fee will be charged to the Homeowner for each set of documents furnished.
  12. Inspect common property on a biweekly basis.
  13. Assist in the Association in administration and enforcement of rules, regulations and bylaws by informing in writing those in violation.

Financial Services

Our financial services include:

  1. Collect and process all assessments from homeowners.
  2. Make necessary deposits into Associations operating account.
  3. From the operating account, pay the Associations obligations.
  4. Send a monthly financial statement to the Association.
  5. Follow Association's procedures for distinguishing and remedying delinquent accounts.
  6. Provide information and assistance to the tax professional, who is determined by Board of Directors, in the completion of the annual audit.
  7. Prepare an annual operating budget recommendation draft 90 days before the beginning of the Association's fiscal year.
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